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Project Management

Integra manages diverse telecom and IT projects for government and commercial clients throughout the country. Our strengths of unique processes, proprietary software and strategic partners lead to customer success regardless of the scope or size of the project. Clients also may lease our Integra Business Intelligence System (IBIS) software, designed specifically for the telecom industry, for crew management, scheduling and tracking, photo uploads and automated closeouts.

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Field Services

Integra Advanced Managed Services combines proven project management expertise with comprehensive Field Services that enable wireless and wireline carriers to complete their missions on time and on budget. Integra’s skilled and certified crews, using our proprietary management software, deliver a streamlined, turnkey service that minimizes miscommunication, scheduling gaps and change orders that create inefficiencies.


Professional Services

The Professional Services Division specializes in providing high level engineering support to telecom carriers, enterprise organizations and OEM’s for network optimization, new equipment deployment and ongoing technical support. Our cross-trained engineers rapidly diagnose and resolve technical issues across diversified technologies on all networks, including legacy, metro optical, long haul optical, data, wireless and microwave.

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Technology Lifecycle


The Technology Lifecycle Services Division specializes in asset management solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers to reuse or redeploy, repair, refurbish, resell or recycle electronic equipment. We develop local, regional or national investment recovery programs that provide the same level of asset tracking, reporting and chain of custody at the end of the lifecycle as at the beginning.

  • Site Acquisition​
  • Site Audit​
  • Installation​
  • Upgrade​
  • Decommissioning​
  • Integration​
  • Tiger Teams
  • Network Commissioning Services​
  • Engineering Services​
  • Installation Support Services (Pre turn-over) ​
  • Testing Services​
  • TAC Services (Post turn-over)​
  • Custom/Special Services​
  • (Technical) Project Management​
  • Multi-vendor Optical Services
  • Re-furbish
  • Re-use​
  • Re-sell​
  • Re-cycle​
  • Asset Management​
  • Reverse Logistics​
  • Wireless​ Networks
  • Microwave Networks​
  • Optical​ Networks
  • Universal Networks
  • Legacy​ Networks
  • Wireless​ Networks
  • Microwave Networks​
  • Optical​ Networks
  • Universal Networks
  • Legacy​ Networks
  • Wireless​ Networks
  • Microwave Networks​
  • Batteries​
  • Cable Mining
  • E-boards​
  • Cabinets-Steel​​
  • Optical​ Networks
  • Universal Networks​
  • Legacy Networks


Integra Advanced Managed Services and its network of strategic partners have earned the following certifications:

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  • epa_logoSmall
  • 8aSmall.fw
  • R2-Color
  • mbe100
  • sba-cert-logo_sml1